Addressing Tax Matters Is Vital to Successful Estate Planning

In order to be truly effective, any estate planning package should always take all tax considerations into account. The capable team at the Law Offices of Kathleen Fowler, LLC (located in Dennis and Wellesley, MA and Venice, Florida) helps individuals and families maximize the value of their estates by creating and funding intelligent tax minimization strategies.

Our goal is simple: to help clients ensure that their hard-earned assets continue to be of benefit to their heirs, beneficiaries, or designated charitable recipients. Our attorneys understand that every dollar lost to taxes unnecessarily paid to the state or federal government significantly reduces value for the family and future generations.

A Comprehensive and Sophisticated Approach to Tax Planning

Our tax planning practice is multifaceted and designed to help clients achieve important goals, such as:

  • Minimize estate tax upon your passing
  • Use estate planning techniques to minimize income tax and capital gains tax burden during your lifetime
  • Take advantage of gift tax exemptions to reduce the overall tax burden on an estate
  • Maximize the benefits to the family through the use of the generation-skipping tax exemption
  • Integrate creditor protection for your beneficiaries in your comprehensive estate and tax planning package
  • Coordinate your investment strategies with tax planning strategies
  • And more…

We also assist our clients in tax preparation, multigenerational tax planning, and management of all tax matters during the probate and/or estate administration process. Few estate planning attorneys offer this level of experience and sophisticated service in tax matters.

The Law Offices of Fowler & Associates, LLC also provide income tax and capital gain tax saving advice to our clients in many other capacities, including:

  • ROTH IRA rollover decisions
  • Beneficiary designations for stretch IRA planning
  • Sales of assets in 1031 transactions or to intentionally defective irrevocable trusts
  • Charitable remainder trust planning
  • Comparative bracket analyses between individuals and trusts
  • Other income tax reduction strategies…

To discuss comprehensive tax planning strategies for you or a loved ones, please call The Law Offices of Kathleen Fowler, LLC at 508-385-6263 for your FREE consultation.