Protecting Your Most Important Assets

At the Law Offices of Kathleen Fowler, LLC, many of our clients own real estate. Whether it’s a family home, a rental, or other investment real estate, real property is often one of the most important assets to be included in any comprehensive estate plan.

In order to help address the changing needs of our clients, and in our commitment to offer a broad range of services, our attorneys provide intelligent legal advice and experienced representation in a wide range of real estate law matters, such as:

  • Sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate
  • Residential and commercial lease agreements
  • Investment real estate, vacation homes and rental properties
  • Titling and re-titling of real estate to minimize tax consequences and avoid probate
  • Capital gain tax avoidance strategies upon the sale of real estate
  • Protection of the principal residence capital gain exclusion between spouses
  • Liability protection strategies
  • And more…

The Right Kind of Experience. The Right Kind of Understanding.

You may have seen one of the many television or Internet advertisements regarding “reverse mortgages.” These programs are touted as an effective way to obtain money to pay for an aging person’s health care or nursing home expenses. Reverse mortgages are often marketed as a smart estate planning solution. Be informed. Your best course of action is to discuss your options with an experienced real estate and estate planning lawyer.

In any real estate matter, understanding the local market is essential. Our lawyers have substantial experience in these matters as well as an in-depth understanding of the importance of addressing real estate transactions. Our firm sees all these situations with a keen eye for any impact on clients’ long-term plans for future success, security, and family prosperity.

To discuss real estate or business law with one of the experienced members of our team, please call The Law Offices of Kathleen Fowler, LLC at 508-385-6263 for your FREE consultation.