Helping Our Clients Avoid Probate

Without a well-considered estate plan, the probate court may become involved in the disposition of your or a loved one’s estate. Probate can be a costly process, in terms of fees, time and emotional strain. One of the primary purposes of the comprehensive and sophisticated estate planning services available at the Law Offices of Fowler & Associates, LLC is to help our clients avoid the expense and hassle of a lengthy probate process.

Our goal is to help our clients structure an estate such that their final wishes can be carried out with a minimum of stress. Our attorneys work diligently to put in place estate planning vehicles to save tax dollars and make the estate administration process very “user-friendly” for its heirs and executors.

In establishing a probate avoidance strategy, it is necessary to examine every asset in an estate to determine if it is set up to be distributed by way of beneficiary designation or by title. A gifting strategy may also be called for to reduce your family’s exposure to estate taxes, or to qualify for Medicaid, if appropriate.

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A Hands-On Approach in Probate Avoidance Strategies

Often, clients come to us seeking a review of documents prepared by another lawyer. When we ask if their assets are titled in the name of their trust, the clients don’t know. Many other firms don’t take the time to re-title assets into the name of the clients’ trusts and don’t explain the other detailed actions that need to be taken as part of a comprehensive probate avoidance strategy. They simply prepare the documents and then give the clients general instructions for how their assets should be titled. They don’t actually help clients take the steps necessary to follow those instructions.

We do. We take a hands-on approach to implementing a probate avoidance and asset preservation plan. Our attorneys and staff will work with you to re-title your assets so that your family avoids probate upon your death. If you choose to incorporate gifting into your overall estate plan, we obtain valuations and carefully re-title those gifted assets to take advantage of the annual exclusion gifts available, but our tax planning services are available to prepare any necessary federal gift tax returns.

We also help Trustees and executors meet their fiduciary duties. As part of our tax planning services, we prepare Massachusetts and federal estate taxes.

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