Probate & Estate Administration

Guidance in the Proper Administration of a Probate Estate

For clients whose loved one has passed away with little or no advance estate planning, the team at the Law Offices of Kathleen Fowler, LLC offers expert legal guidance, personal support and experienced representation throughout the probate and estate administration process.

Probate is a court-managed process during which a deceased person’s estate is valued, estate debts are paid and remaining assets are distributed to heirs and beneficiaries in accordance with any Will and/or the law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the State of Florida. Executors of probate estates are responsible for making a detailed accounting to the courts of how the estate is administered and disposed.

Our capable attorneys assist heirs and executors of estates in fulfilling their legal and fiduciary duties in the probate process and through all facets of trust and estate administration. We have accounting and legal expertise available to assist and counsel estate representatives in their management and distribution responsibilities. We work closely with our estate representatives to ensure that they have all the guidance needed to make a smooth transition from the estate to the heirs.

We also offer comprehensive and sophisticated estate planning services to help clients avoid probate and the time, hassle, expense and loss of control it can entail. Contact us today for a free and informative consultation.

Resolving Disputes in Probate

Should a dispute arise over a Will or the distribution of assets in an estate, the Law Offices of Kathleen Fowler, LLC can offer experienced representation in finding a resolution. In any Will contest or other probate dispute, we try to resolve the matter through negotiation or mediation. We find this approach provides the best chance of obtaining closure without the expense and emotional costs that a trial often entails.

If, however, a reasonable solution cannot be found, the firm maintains an of-counsel relationship with an experienced trial lawyer who can represent clients’ interests in probate court proceedings. If you are involved in a Will dispute or are an Executor who has been accused of failing to properly execute your fiduciary duties, call our offices at 508-385-6263, or send us an e-mail now for sound legal advice in a free consultation at one of our offices in Dennis, Massachusetts, or Wellesley, Massachusetts or our satellite office in Venice, Florida.